Elk Grove Music Lessons - School of Rock Elk Grove

Why we decided to bring School of Rock to Elk Grove, CA

Why School of Rock? We wanted to be involved with a business that we could be completely passionate about. There are so many franchises available that boast big profits and forecast huge success, but none of them made us excited like School of Rock did. We are a husband and wife team (Jason & Cecilia) and currently own a small business in Elk Grove, CA called AXE HEAVEN. Built from the ground up with passion for music, products, and people has made our AXE HEAVEN business a success. Building a business is so much more than turning a profit. From the very beginning and to this day we are very passionate about offering a product/service that makes people excited.

Passion, is where it all starts. With any great idea you have to be passionate about what you are building and love what you do. After our very first visit to a School of Rock we knew that we wanted to be part of this organization. Seeing the kids run through the hallways racing to their next guitar, bass, drum, vocal, or keyboard lesson was nothing less than incredible. After hearing countless stories of how School of Rock changes kids lives for the better by putting kids on stage and getting them involved with peers. We are excited at the opportunity to bring this music school to Elk Grove, CA.

We have always loved music and are proud parents of twin boys, Lucas & Lennon. Our boys are 4 years old and having kids helped us ultimately start our School of Rock. Elk Grove needs a music school like this and we are beyond excited to help be the music in our community. Please like our School of Rock Elk Grove Facebook page and see the exciting process of building one of the coolest music schools in Northern California. Call or email us for more information: elkgrove@schoolofrock.com or 916-500-ROCK



One thought on “Why we decided to bring School of Rock to Elk Grove, CA

  1. Stacey Davis

    I have known Jason and Cecilia for many years and have watched as their personal and business relationships have blossomed. They are genuinely honest caring people and amazing parents. They have found their purpose in life and they ROCK at it!!!


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