Rookies Program – Kids music lessons for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocal, and piano

School of Rock Elk Grove’s Rookies Program is designed for first and second graders to provide a fun introduction to music fundamentals. Among other tools, we use proprietary setups for guitar, bass, drums and keyboard to provide a gateway to understanding music. The skills and passion for music that we teach our students gets them ready for Rock 101 and a lasting appreciation for music. Our School of Rock Elk Grove Rookies learn the fundamental concepts of pitch, rhythm, form and dynamics with age-appropriate exercises, tools and games. We encourage our students to explore a variety of instruments and play styles so they can get familiar with all parts of the musical landscape; even the most incredible solo guitar players or drummers need to understand how the rest of the band works together.

All students in School of Rock Elk Grove’s Rookies Program can expect: • Weekly group lessons using guitar, bass, keyboard and drums • Exposure to essential fundamentals like music theory, pitch and rhythm • A focus on teamwork and collaboration • An understanding of what it means to play solo and in a group • Fun combined with practical learning!

We offer an innovative music curriculum that is proven to capture your child’s interest and keep them rockin! We are located in Elk Grove, CA and offer guitar, bass, keyboard, vocal, and drums lessons / rehearsals. Contact us: 916-500-ROCK –

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