Be happy and play music. Guitar, Bass, Drum, Vocal, and Keyboard Lesson in Elk Grove, CA

Be happy and play music. What people are saying about School of Rock.

School of Rock is the best thing we have done for our three children. They learn self-confidence, teamwork, and musicianship in an environment that is safe and free of the typical age-barrier restrictions that are often inherent in other student activities. The youngest and oldest kids in the school work together and everyone is an equal on stage. I wish other youth activities were as welcoming. ”Tony C., parent, Great Valley, PA

“I can’t tell you what an enriching experience this has been for our whole family and especially for Josh. The instructors there were so much more than teachers for Josh, they were his idols and his role models. It has been an amazing time, and I know that as Josh gets older he will look back on all the memories he made at the SOR fondly. You have created something special there, and I hope you understand what an impact your efforts have had on the lives of these children.Thank you for everything!” ”Tim Gallagher, Father of School of Rock Denver student

“School of Rock has taught me how to perform in public with self-confidence.”— Dan, 18, Downingtown, PA

“You want your kid to be passionate about something, whether it be sports, scouts, dance or whatever. School of Rock does this for my son. We have discovered a talent we didn’t know he had. My son would live at School of Rock if he could. We’ve already recommended the program to several friends. ”Susan Snyder, Clifton, VA

2013_0630_SOR Gemba Finals-1724


2013_0630_SOR Gemba Finals-2119


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