School of Rock Elk Grove Attends 2016 Elk Grove Multicultural Festival

The 2016 Elk Grove Multicultural Festival was a great event for School of Rock Elk Grove. We had a huge turnout and the local community loved our unique music programs that include, guitar lessons, bass lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons, and drum lessons. For more detailed information on our programs visit our website at:

The attendees learned about other cultures through music, art, food, entertainment and more.  Many different foods options on site, and more than 35 Corvettes at the car show, participated in the Taste of Diversity Cooking  Contest. Everyone celebrated the diversity in our Elk Grove community. School of Rock Elk Grove is excited to be part of this community. Hope you enjoy the event photos.

We are located at 9045 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95624 and offer guitar, bass, keyboard, vocal, and drums lessons / rehearsals. Contact us: 916-500-ROCK





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